iOS 12 compatibility

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Wed Jul 25 12:13:08 EDT 2018

I've been using 9.0.0.

When using 9.0.1rc1 the black flash (issue #1) disappears but my  
navigation breaks (issue #2) when I enable acceleratedRendering.

When using 9.0.0 acceleratedRendering messes up all sorts of stuff  
like my navigation and has a lot of flashing black space, not just at  
app launch.

--Andrew Bell


@Andrew thanks for checking.

Which LC version do you now use? We have fixed *a lot* of  
acceleratedrendering-related issues in LC 9.0.1- RC-1, so issue #2  
might be already fixed.


On Wed, Jul 25, 2018 at 2:11 PM, Andrew Bell via use-livecode  
<use-livecode at> wrote:

     Yes, enabling acceleratedRendering in the preOpenStack does allow  
the app to launch in iOS 12! I was not able to actually install the  
app directly to the device from LiveCode (got a generic "Error"  
message) so I had to uninstall 12, install the app under 11, then  
upgrade back to 12 (public beta 3) to test.

     I now remember why I disabled acceleratedRendering in the first place:
      1- it adds a quick black screen during the launch of the app  
(between the openStack and openCard it seems)
      2- it breaks the navigation system that I implemented to get  
from card to card (animation of a group that appears from off card)

     I can live with #1 for now and will start plotting a work around  
for #2 just so I can get an update out the door. Thanks for looking  
into this!

     --Andrew Bell

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