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Hello Simon,
When you say "compared to storing the images on a card or in a folder” it suggests two very different ways of organizing your source images. If you are taking advantage of LiveCode’s automagical ability to pick the correct resolution image then you need to have the images in your project be “referenced” controls. You can tell if they are referenced because when you examine them with the object inspector they will have a file path. (tip: the folder containing the images should be in the same folder as the mainStack of the project. Use the “Copy Files” tab in the Standalone Application Settings to attach it to your standalone. Also, in the object inspector, change the file path of the images to a relative paths. For example on Mac a file path might be: < /Users/yourname/someFolder/yourProjectFolder/images/myCustomButton.png > and you would change this to: < ./images/myCustomButton.png >

I store the images inside of LiveCode in different locations depending on the design of the app

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> On Jul 24, 2018, at 8:44 AM, Simon Knight via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Is there an elegant method of storing images for use by a custom control?  I have tried adding the images to the custom control group but the buttons in copies of the first group refer back to the first group so there is no advantage when compared to storing the images on a card or in a folder.
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