Data Persistence

John McKenzie davros at
Mon Jul 23 17:57:41 EDT 2018

 Hello, all.

 I am new to Livecode development but not computing. When I heard of
something that was inspired by Hypercard I had to know more. Used
Livecode to make a little app on my phone for work but the level of
interest this app generated now make me want to finish it, and maybe
even share and/or sell it. Livecode is pretty cool and I am looking
forward to learning how to use it and do stuff with it.

 So my first (and I sadly suspect not last) question to the list is
about persistence on the Android platform.

 My job is in the aviation industry. For now I want to get it working.
Then I will polish it off, beta test it, etc. One airline rep gave me
his card and said to call him about it if I wanted to sell it.

 The get it working part is where I need your help. I was unclear on
what Livecode could and could not do so I emailed them and a very
helpful person named Heather educated me a bit. Now that I know it
might work for my application I would appreciate your help in getting
it working.

 Right now it will be an Android app. iOS app later probably.

 The app is to help me record times and other facts about plane
landings (like when the plane landed and how much fuel is requested by
the Captain). At the end of a flight I can press a button and an email
addressed to our operations centre is auto-populated in the body of the
text with these numbers. For example if I press the button labelled
"ATA" (actual time of arrival) it places the current time in the text
field next to the ATA button. I can touch the text field and edit the
time if need be.

 What I need help with is the issue of persistence. If I get an SMS
message, a phone call or an alarm goes off the data will be wiped out
when I return to the app. Sometimes if I leave the app to check
something else and come back the data is there and other times the text
fields are all blank. Tried saving the data in a text file and having
the app load it up each time it starts. Most of the time this does not
work. Usually when I start the app up again at the beginning of the
next shift it starts up with the times of yesterday's flight.

 So I would like to know how to properly hold the data so the entries
in the text fields are still there when I go to another app then come
back to mine. looking to have basic persistence in my app.

 Guidance on the (or one of the) proper way(s) to accomplish this
would be most appreciated.

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