Datagrids and Nested Behaviors

Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at
Sat Jul 21 07:42:33 EDT 2018


I also found that changing the behavior of group "dataGrid x" does not stick and after restart you have to set it again.

However if you want to use the convenience of a behavior you could set in your case as far as user interaction via doubleMouseUp is concerned you could set the behavior of group "dgListMask" of group "dataGrid x" to the button of your mouseDoubleUp handler. That will save the behavior with the specific group "dataGrid x" and you would only have to assign this  once to that group. If you want to go that route be careful to choose a control inside a specific dataGrid that has not already a behavior assigned.
e.g. group "dgList" of group "dataGrid x" already has a behavior assigned. In my testing this works for mouseDoubleUp

on mouseDoubleUp
   put the long name of the target into tTarget
   if tTarget begins with "field" then put the text of tTarget & cr & tTarget
   else put tTarget -- does not trigger
   pass mouseDoubleUp
end mouseDoubleUp

Maybe that is an easier way to solve the global scope problem you get when modifiying the behaviors of the group "dataGrid x" and also of "stickiness"

Kind regards

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