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Kee Nethery kee.nethery at elloco.com
Fri Jul 20 23:38:46 EDT 2018

On Jul 20, 2018, at 7:39 PM, Jerry Jensen via wrote:
> Just whip out your HP-35. It gets right answers!
> .Jerry

Long ago I sat on a bus at a conference next to the product manager for the HP-35. He said that they ran out of a part that was no longer made and had to re-design the board to use new modern components. The new processor was of course faster and so when it did it’s calculations it just instantly gave you the answer. The people that bought the new version, which looked just like the old version, didn’t trust it because it didn’t spend the time that it needed to do the calculations. Obviously there was something wrong. 

It was such a big support problem that they had to re-design it and have it mimic the old version where it sits there and looks like it’s thinking for a while before it gave you the answer. 

They swapped all of the brand new fast ones for the new slow ones and everyone was happy. 

Mine is many many decades old and about a decade ago it stopped working so I called the support number just to see if anyone would answer and sure enough there was someone who answered that phone number. The number was probably four decades old and they figured out what my problem was. That’s a pretty successful product.

Kee Nethery 

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