Datagrids and Nested Behaviors

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at
Fri Jul 20 22:05:11 EDT 2018

Okay my workaround is to have a custom property with the name of all the datagrids on a card in a custom property. Then in the openStack handler of the card I have:


In the same script I have:

on setMainCardBehaviors
   put the long id of me into tParentCard
   put the gridnames of this card into tGridList
   repeat for each item tGridName in tGridList
      if not there is a group tGridName of tParentCard then next repeat
      put the long id of group tGridName of tParentCard into tGridID
      set the behavior of the behavior of the behavior of tGridID \
            to the long id of button "maingrids" of card "Behaviors" of this stack
   end repeat
end setMainCardBehaviors

Essentially I have to set the custom behavior of every grid on a card the first time I open it. I think this is a bug, but it may be the intended behavior. Only the LC overseers can answer that. 

Bob S

> On Jul 20, 2018, at 18:41 , Bob Sneidar via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> It seems that even though I save the stack after setting this behavior, Livecode RESETS THE DATAGRID BEHAVIOR TO THE DEFAULT!!!!!
> What the EFF? Of course I can get around it with a custom openCard handler that resets them, (and in the words of Malthesar when discovering that the Historical Records they have based their entire civilization on were all lies), but WHYYYYY?
> Bob S
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