LiveCode server IDE - the current state of the art?

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sat Jul 21 00:45:56 CEST 2018

Hi Keith,

what I do in the 20 lines isn't very much - most of the work is done 

I do have a couple of places I don't use revIgniter. Here's a sanitized 
version of what I use there as LC Server script (NB I have sanitized it 
before sending, so there could be typos here - I haven't test it in 
exactly this form)

As you'll see, I keep my standard libraries in a folder 
"libraryscripts", and then individual sites can over-ride those in a 
folder "user/libraryscripts", and can have additional scripts in 
"user/scripts". In an  earlier version I loaded all scripts found in 
these folders; for now I specify which ones I want, but I think I might 
at some point go back to loading every script I find as a librarystack.

I'll have a look at the synch utility to see if it can be similarly 
sanitized and shared.

-- Alex.

-- DO NOT USE include OR in-line STATEMENTS or you will lose ability to 
use IDE Tester App
-- NB include for site specific content

if there is a file ("user/libraryscripts/main_script.livecode") then
   put ("user/libraryscripts/main_script.livecode") into tt
   put ("libraryscripts/main_script.livecode") into tt
end if
start using stack tt

repeat for each word W in "common forms arrayjson" -- the libraries I 
always need
   put W & "_script.livecode" into tFile
   if there is a file ("user/libraryscripts" & tFile) then
     put ("user/libraryscripts/" & tFile) into tt
     put ("libraryscripts/" & tFile) into tt
   end if
   start using stack tt
end repeat

put "user/scripts/" into tt
if there is a file tt then
   start using stack tt
end if

-- and do the command
--   NB Usage ...
put $_GET["command"] into tCommand
do tCommand

On 20/07/2018 07:58, Keith Clarke via use-livecode wrote:
> Thanks for describing your setup, Alex.
> I like the ‘work locally as usual, then upload’ approach - coupled with the essential 'Did everything synch?' check utility! :-)
> The lightweight LCS hub is very appealing (probably without RevIgniter to avoid any additional complexity) to get the basic plumbing connected.
> Time to hit the LCS lessons to see if I can replicate what you're achieving with 20-lines, methinks! :-)
> Best,
> Keith
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>> Subject: Re: LiveCode server IDE - the current state of the art?
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>> I have no idea if this is state of the art or not :-) - but here's what
>> I do ...
>> Short answer : the Livecode IDE plus an FTP client (Filezilla).
>> Longer answer :
>> 99% of what I write for the LC server is standard LC - scriptonly
>> stacks, used as library stacks.
>> I have about 20 lines of LCS - just enough to look around and "start
>> using" the relevant librarystacks, and then invoke the top-level
>> handler. (This is actually in a revIgniter controller because I use
>> revIgniter, but the same thing would work even if I didn't).
>> This lets me develop and test most of it in a convenient environment
>> (the IDE, on my own laptop). I keep a copy of the scripts locally, along
>> with enough of the database to do testing. I have a small "test-harness"
>> app that lets me set parameters as though from the URL.
>> All output is done through my own handlers - which then either output on
>> LC Server, or output to log/status/output fields and a browser widget in
>> the test app. All DB access is done through a shim layer which uses
>> Andre's DBLib + sqlite on the laptop and revIgniter's DB Lib + MySQL on
>> the server.
>> I don't use revIgniter's "Views" - I have my own library which provides
>> the equivalent functionality in a way that lets me give website
>> maintainers access to it, without giving them access to anything within
>> revIgniter's 'system' folder.? (This also lets me test on the IDE).
>> I have a variety of ancillary files which I edit with other editors
>> (currently trying out Atom for small changes, but falling back to emacs
>> when there are larger or complex changes to do).
>> Only problem I've run into with this approach is that sometimes I will
>> edit and test a file (or a number of files)? locally, and forget to
>> upload one or some :-(? So I have a small 'sync' app which runs on the
>> laptop, and uses a LC Server script on the website, to flag up any
>> differences in the 'should be identical' files.
>> Alex.
>> On 19/07/2018 08:01, Keith Clarke via use-livecode wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> I?m attempting to engage with LiveCode Server after a couple of years since I last played - when the approach was to roll your own IDE (i.e. pick a text editor) and optionally use the RevIgnitor framework.
>>> I?d be obliged if anyone could please update me on the current state of the art and share their personal tool-belt preference (target environment is a Linux VPS).
>>> Thanks & regards
>>> Keith
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