iOS and video mirroring

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Tue Jul 17 10:47:47 EDT 2018

Those of us who use iOS devices to watch video sometimes want to see stuff on a big screen. One way of doing this is to buy a (very expensive) Apple Lightning to HDMi connector and connect your device (iPhone or iPad) to an HD TV using an HDMI cable. Bingo! Only sometimes it doesn’t work… it’s OK for example with Netflix,  but there are other apps (NowTV in the UK for example) that report that the connection is not allowed. This seems to imply that Apple have an API for this feature that is somehow restricted - maybe you have to pay Apple to implement such a link. I was thinking of doing something like this in LC, but I need to understand this restriction first.

Is there anyone here that understands Apple’s arcane rules sufficiently to explain what’s going on?



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