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Sun Jul 15 18:43:20 EDT 2018

Thanks for doing a test.  I'll need to get some videos together to really
show what it does.  I'll need to wait until after LCG though... I'm such a
procrastinator :)

The stack was built as a proof of concept that the GM and PM could work
effectively on mobile.  The stack works fully on iOS.  From the above,
there are obviously some issues on the Android side.

The buttons on the left set the FullScreenMode of the stack.  It defaults
to noScale.  As long as the app is build with a splash image that matches
the device resolution (on iOS), then it should work for all.

The buttons on the right set the resolution of the stack.  If the stack
does not fill the screen, then artifacts of the full screen will remain for
"blank" areas except for showAll which on my devices does show gray.

By using different combinations of the 2 settings, you can examine how much
of the stack will be cut off or how the zooming will look.

Tapping the top circle will replace the bottom portion of the screen with a
web browser widget (currently set to my web site).  It hides when the
device is rotated.

The bottom of the card displays a log of orientation changes and resize
events.  I did notice that while in the orientationChanged handler, the
rect is still reported as the previous size.  I use a send in time 0 to be
sure it is updated properly.  On iOS, the only resize events triggered are
during startup when the profiles are updated (revSetStackProfile takes care
of the changes after that).

Oh, the color changes to the shapes is intentional.  That was mainly to
show that by using profiles you can do things other that just reposition


On Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 4:20 PM, J. Landman Gay via use-livecode <
use-livecode at> wrote:

> I tried your test stack but I don't think I know how to use it. The
> existing URL in the browser widget (your site) returns an error: Webpage
> not available, net::ERR_CACHE_MISS. I changed it to and got
> the same thing.
> At any rate, changing the fullscreenMode re-wrapped the text in the widget
> content as needed.
> When I rotated the device everything went screwy. The previously black and
> (sort of) white center graphics controls fill colors. Once rotated to
> landscape it would never go back to portrait. When changing the
> fullescreenMode (in portrait,) remnants of the previous layout were visible
> underneath the new layout.
> More instruction would be good, feel free to write me privately. I didn't
> examine the scripts.
> On 7/15/18 10:04 AM, Brian Milby via use-livecode wrote:
>> I have a question/small favor to ask someone that develops on Android.
>> When you place a browser widget on a stack and deploy to iOS, the content
>> inside the widget is always at native resolution.  If you use a resize
>> handler or the GM to position the rect and a FullScreenMode of noScale,
>> everything works as expected.  If you select any other FullScreenMode,
>> then
>> the rect of the widget is adjust proportionally based on the mode, but the
>> content stays the native size (it doesn't get stretched/squished like
>> other
>> native LiveCode controls).
>> To see this in action, you can use the MobileProfile stack I created (you
>> will need a splash image set for the actual size of the device for it to
>> work properly on iOS, not sure about Android).  The top grey circle will
>> show the browser widget.  The widget hides when an orientation change is
>> detected.
>> Here's a link to the stack.  I can post it elsewhere if needed.
>> My question is how does this work on Android?  My guess is that it would
>> be
>> similar in that the content inside the browser widget would remain native
>> and just the LiveCode controls outside of it would get scaled.
>> Thanks,
>> Brian
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