Transitioning to LiveCode 9...

Paul Dupuis paul at
Tue Jul 10 14:20:37 EDT 2018

First, I love all the things added to LiveCode 9 and, while I haven;t
had a chance to download 9.0.1 yet, I am sure it (and 9.0.2, etc.) will
just keep getting better.

However, I must vent that transitioning old stack to LC9 is now always
easy. In some ways (text handling) I find the degree of compatibility
amazing, but in others I run into a lot of code to change.

I am transitioning a large app built under LC6.7.11 and ran into the

In LC6.7.11 you could say 'set the effective label of button X to Y' and
it worked (it essentially ignored the 'effective' keyword and set the
label property). Now this is not sound syntax and I have no idea why the
code (which has had many developers work on it) used the 'effective'
keyword in a set statement. I suspect "Copy and Paste" was the cuprit.
Irregardless, it works in LC6.7.11

In LC9.0.0, the same line, 'set the effective label of button X to Y'
throws a syntax error (probably rightly so!). However, it does mean I
now have to change what seems like a zillion instances of 'set the
effective label ...' to just 'set the label ...'


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