Navigator saves stackfiles, script menu supports unlimited behaviors

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Fri Jan 26 02:54:04 EST 2018

Added a "Save StackFiles" menu item to the popup menu when right-clicking
on a stack or multiple stacks. This is especially useful for stacks using
script-only behaviors. With one command it saves all the stacks referenced
in the stack's stackfiles property. This is particularly useful for stacks
that use a large number of behaviors (like Navigator). Note: this does not
save the stack itself -- use the existing "Save" menu item for that.

The Scripts menu now supports unlimited chained behaviors. It will display
the handlers in all chained behaviors in submenus under each behavior's
name, with the object's own handlers, if any, at the bottom of the menu.
The Send... menu is organized similarly, and can send any public on,
command, function, getprop or setprop handlers.

Source control is awesome.

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