problem with fullscreen option on HTML5 apps

hh hh at
Thu Jan 25 12:12:35 EST 2018

"Fullscreen" never worked for me (other than getting a scaled display).
It was probably not reported since HTML5 deployment is still experimental
(means: It's easier to list what's working than what's not working).

> T.J. wrote:
> I’ve been trying out the fullscreen option (via the checkbox on the
> automatically generated HTML page) on a couple of interactive learning
> apps I’m working on, and while they display nicely it seems to muck up
> the object coordinates (9.0.0 dp 10/11 – Mac, any browser) so that clicking
> or dragging an object is a hit and miss affair (or doesn’t work at all).
> Does anyone have any insights on whether it is possible to work around this
> issue, or if it’s a known bug (couldn’t find anything in the QA centre)
> whether it’s likely to get some attention in the near future? 

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