What Env Variable set when saving standalone?

Bob Sneidar bobsneidar at iotecdigital.com
Thu Jan 25 11:17:54 EST 2018

Thanks Mark. 

I have a mainstack called Forms Generator. In the openStack handler in the card script of that stack, I open modally another substack called Login. This is so that no one can access the app without logging in first. 

When I Save As Standalone, this Login stack opens (why I do not know, I assume the Standalone Builder is "walking" through the scripts) and when it does, the Standalone Builder stops dead in it's tracks waiting for the Login (opened modally if you recall) is dismissed. 

Some months ago, Jacque I believe, told me I can ctrl-cmd-shift-right-click the stack and change the stack mode to Top Level, which effectively releases the deadlock, and the Standalone Builder proceeds as normal. 

I attempted to trap the savingStandalone message, setting a global, then having my code check that global to determine how to open the Login stack (modally or normally) but that did not work. Either the message hasn't been sent at that point, or else something else in the Save As Standalone process is opening that stack AS MODAL for reasons I cannot fathom. 

I verified the Float Above option was not checked for that stack. It is a plain ordinary substack, but when my code opens it, it does so modally for reasons I explained earlier. No other substack seems to open. I was hoping to check for some environment global variable that gets set as soon as the Standalone Builder gets called so I can modify my code to prevent opening the Login stack modally during this process. 

I reported this behavior a whaaay back. It was sometime during v7 (I think don't quote me) that this behavior began. Prior to that Standalone Building was never an issue. At the same time, I also noted that I could no longer build for two platforms at once because the builder would complain that there were stacks in memory with the same name (presumably because the builder no longer closed the copies of the stacks it created for the standalones). That problem ALSO still persists. 

Sending a sample stack is difficult because my stack is dependent on a number of things to function, and it is quite large. Attempts to send this in the past have met with size limits, and iCloud and dropbox links did not seem to work for some reason. (May have timed out). 

Bob S

> On Jan 24, 2018, at 17:26 , Mark Wieder via use-livecode <use-livecode at lists.runrev.com> wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I want to prevent going to a modal login stack when I save as standalone, or at least not go modally. Right now I have to change the login stack to TopLevel each and every time I save as standalone and it opens. Is there some environment variable that gets set when this is happening?
> Sorry, I'm having trouble parsing that. Can you explain what you want to happen and what's happening instead? Is this an IDE problem or a problem with your stack?
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> Mark Wieder
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