The "Property Profile Pane" -- where's it gone to? -- or, should profiles be avoided completely?

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Mon Jan 22 22:22:34 EST 2018

Did not know until a week ago anything about the concept of LC profiles, as
in revSetCardProfile, revSetStackProfile, or revSetStackFileProfile.

So, looked at the LC doc and found this: "You create a profile for an
object, and give it a name, using the PROPERTY PROFILES PANE in the

However, even with the example on the LC wiki of an image showing this pane
<> ,
neither on Mac or Windows 8.1.8, and neither in the Property Inspector or
any other LC menu couId see anything called PROPERTY PROFILES PANE or
resembling what that image shows.

Then, searching the LC forum, in the thread Creating property profiles
Jacque wrote "The "create profiles automatically" option is in LIVECODE

However, not only does Jacque's profile pane look nothing like the Wiki
image's, but the former only allows naming the "master profile" and has a
checkbox for "Create profiles automatically".

Is this a LC version problem? Or is it it simply that I don't know how to
work with profiles?

If the latter, I'd sure appreciate detailed examples of how to create a
couple of profiles, and then implement them.

On the other hand, in the LC forum thread Property Profiles and
Klaus warns against using profiles and instead use CustomProperties and
CustomPropertySets. He even offers a sample stack
<> "CP-Sets1" (scroll down the
page) showing how that works.

So, my other question is, avoid profiles completely?

Nicolas Cueto

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