Creating .ipa now that iTunes has depreciated apps.

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Jan 10 12:42:43 EST 2018

Well I finally updated iTunes and lost the ability to create an .ipa. I made
a right click context item in finder to get one click .ipa creation back.

If anyone want this:

1) Open up the Automater
2) Create new
3) Select "Run Shell Script" from left pane
4) Change "Pass input:" to "as arguments"
5) Paste in this script

current_path=$(dirname "$1")
cd "$current_path"

for f in "$@"
mkdir Payload
cp -r "$f" Payload/
base=$(basename $f)
zip -r "$base2".zip Payload/
mv "$base2".zip "$base2".ipa
rm -R Payload/

6) Save and name it "Create ipa"

That's it.

Ralph DiMola
IT Director
Evergreen Information Services
rdimola at

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