Local Image Paths in HTML for Browser Widget Fails

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Sat Jan 6 16:48:15 EST 2018

Yet another option.

1. Put ONCE the loader into a custom property

on mouseUp
  answer file "input your loader.gif"
  if it is empty then exit mouseUp
  put base64Encode(url("binfile:"&it)) into ii
  replace linefeed with empty in ii
  set the loader of this card to compress(ii)
end mouseUp
-- this has now at about the original size of the gif

2. Display the loader as follows.

on mouseUp
  set the htmltext of widget "browser" to \
        "<img src='data:image/gif;base64," & \
        decompress(the loader of this card) & "'>"
end mouseUp
-- optionally add width and height attributes

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