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> > Trevor D. wrote:
> > Other than injecting javascript into each web page that cancels clicks on
> > links, is there a way to cancel user clicks on links in a browser widget?
> 1. Cancel while navigating:
> Catch the "current" htmltext:
> on browserNavigateBegin
>      set the currentHTML of me to the htmltext of me
> end browserNavigateBegin
> Then cancel with
> set the htmltext of widget 1 to the currentHTML of widget 1.
> If the navigation is fast this is the same as navigating back.

Thanks for responding.

If I understand what you are suggesting then the problem is that the
vertical scroll of the page would be reset. There is no guarantee that the
page load will happen quickly. The user will most likely see the navigation
occur and then the original page refresh. I want to cancel navigation
before it ever occurs.

> 2. Don't do the navigation in the widget but later on in browsers:
> Not really from a widget property. But you could use an attribute that the
> widget can't do: to open a new window. This works in "hhTextEditBasic".
> set the htmltext of widget 1 to
> <a href="" target="_blank">Trevor's Site</a>

The browser widget I’m working with is a Froala editor. The user will be
inserting their own content into the browser widget.

Trevor DeVore

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