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Wed Jan 3 03:47:59 EST 2018

On 2018-01-03 06:03, Brian Milby via use-livecode wrote:
> From what I see, it looks like the SVG icons are just path elements and 
> not
> lines/circles/etc. The new code in DP11 adds support for much more of 
> the
> SVG spec.

Yes - the calendar icon is a built out of three shapes, and not a simple 
'path' element.

The 'feather' collection of icons seem to differ from things like 
fontAwesome in that they are defined by an arbitrary (simple?) SVG - 
which could use multiple shapes and fills and/or strokes.

Font glyphs (i.e. what font awesome is designed for) can only be a 
single (compound) path.

> I found why lines are not working... I’ll get a PR together if it isn’t
> already corrected. Line 1124 had an extra “_” in _svgBoxLine that was
> causing the issue.

Good catch :)

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