DataGrid anomaly?

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Wed Apr 11 09:53:00 EDT 2018


I have a stack that opens a data stack imports an array, processes it and
displays the results in a DataGrid Table - pretty straight forward and
simple stuff - and all handlers work as they should.

Here is the code in the "Open File" button

*on* mouseUp



   displayDataInDataGrid  -- problem handler

*end* mouseUp

All handlers are card Scripts.

The handler causing problems is

*command* displayDataInDataGrid

   *put* createTabbedDataList() into tTabbedDataList

   *set* the dgText of *group* "dgDataDisplay" to tTabbedDataList  -- line

*end* displayDataInDataGrid

When called from the "Open File" button I get the following error

*  card id 1002: execution error at line 155 (Chunk: can't find
background), char 1*

However when I remove the call in the "Open File" script and call

displayDataInDataGrid from a different mouseUp handler  it works perfectly.

Can anyone shed light on this.

I'm Using LC 9.0 Indy and have tried it in LC Indy 8.1.9

Thanks for any help.


Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at


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