OAuth2 Status?

pink nabble at mad.pink
Fri Oct 13 09:45:44 EDT 2017

After testing out a few things with Panos, the conclusion is corrupted prefs

After deleting my prefs file and starting fresh, everything is working.

With a little bit of shame, I'm going to admit that at one point while
working on my Toodledo library it stopped working and I started freaking out
before I remembered that I had turned off the wifi on my Macbook.... 

So with the internet out, the OAuth2 panel pops open and stays open, but
remains blank. In the IDE, I just hit command-. a couple of times to
eventually close it. 

Question is, if the user has some sort of connectivity issue, how could they
close the popup? For that matter, what if they just change their mind? On
the login page for Toodledo, they have a cancel button, but pressing it just
causes the page to refresh, it doesn't dismiss the popup. 

How could a user get rid of the panel? 
How could a mobile user get rid of it? 
Is there something programmatically we could add to allow them to more
easily dismiss the panel?

Greg (pink) Miller
mad, pink and dangerous to code
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