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Tue Oct 3 10:32:03 EDT 2017

I mistakenly said I couldn't get this to work in 9.0.0dp7 (which it  
does), I meant to say it did NOT work in 9.0.0dp9 which is on par with  

I know Android doesn't have the same support for barcode reading as  
iOS, so I'd be fine just getting iPad functionality with this. I  
manually added mergAV (still don't understand why this wouldn't be  
found automatically), but the cards in my stack are unresponsive  
trying to trigger mergZXingControlCreate which I'm sure the external  
knows nothing about (it's syntax doesn't have anything about barcodes  
@ ). Guessing that I'm not calling the  
correct functions at this point.

The LC release notes say this was being deprecated because the ZXing  
project wasn't supported on iOS, but it seems to function fine on my  
iOS 11 test device (when built from LC 9.0.0dp8). It looks like the  
project is being ported over to Obj-C using a slightly different name  
@ which discusses Xcode 9 and  
has commits as recent as a week ago.

If the library needs to be pulled from LC, then it seems like there  
should be a little more explanation as to how to proceed with the  
workaround than the release notes mention.

--Andrew Bell

> Which platform are you going for?  mergav is for ios and osx.  You can't
> use "search for", you have to include it manually.
> it works fine for me in my apps.
> On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 1:03 PM, Andrew Bell via use-livecode <
> use-livecode at> wrote:
>> I just got around to building a new version of an existing project and
>> discovered my barcode scanner didn't work. Quick check of the release notes
>> for 8.2.0dp1 stated that mergZXing was being deprecated and to use
>> mergAVCam instead.
>> I can't find mergAVCam (assume mergAV is the inclusion, but this wasn't
>> selected by "Search for required inclusions...") or any syntax that will
>> support barcodes now. Tried 8.2.0dp1 and 9.0.0dp7. I'm also using the
>> Spinner widget so I get a "can't find module" error when trying with
>> 8.1.7.rc2.
>> Can anyone provide a basic code sample for how this should work now?
>> --Andrew Bell

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