LC8 release structure

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue Nov 28 23:09:02 EST 2017

Does exists some way to install only the files changed
between each version and keep all common files available
for each LC version in use?

In this way, instead of using 1 Gb for each new Livecode version
installed, we could keep a folder with common files and each
new LiveCode version would occupy only 200 or 100 mb each.

Basically, each new Livecode version would include only
the files updated or changed compared with the previous
Livecode version installed.

Could this works for LiveCode IDE?


> Mark Wieder wrote:
> I'm confused now by the number of unstable releases in flight.
> I'm seeing
> LC8.2.0-dp2 dated 11 October 2017
> LC8.1.8-rc2 dated 23 November 2017
> and of course
> LC9.0.0-dp10 dated 23 October 2017

> Monte Goulding answers:
> The 8.2 release cycle is mainly for IDE features
> like autocomplete that could potentially be disruptive
> and need a bit of iteration.

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