LC8 release structure

Mark Wieder ahsoftware at
Tue Nov 28 18:15:11 EST 2017

I'm confused now by the number of unstable releases in flight.

I'm seeing
LC8.2.0-dp2 dated 11 October 2017
LC8.1.8-rc2 dated 23 November 2017
and of course
LC9.0.0-dp10 dated 23 October 2017

I'm fine with the slow progress on LC9, although I keep waiting for the 
CEF business to be fixed, but I'm puzzled by the two-pronged approach to 
LC8. Is there any reason I should even bother with 8.1.8 now that 8.2 is 
in the works? 8.1.8-rc2 is a month newer than 8.2.0-dp2. In that case, 
is there any reason to bother with 8.2.0 given that there's a month's 
worth of bugfixes and improvements in the 8.1 stream that haven't been 
incorporated into 8.2?

I take it that if I want to work with Xcode 9.1 I would need to use 
8.1.8, not 8.2.0. But if I want to use the Community Plus features I 
would need 8.2.0, not 8.1.8.

...and btw I *like* the fact that we have gone back to dp releases, it's 
just the confluence of bifurcation and timing that has me confused.

  Mark Wieder
  ahsoftware at

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