IDE breaks down over time

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Nov 28 15:19:18 EST 2017

I am building new UI… not a drop of code.. it's all about drawing controls, grouping, setting rects and RGB values etc.forground background colors, setting alpha etc.

after about 30 minutes in 9.0.0-dp-9  the IDE seems to get very confused. (OS X)

If I work in the project browser, or  revApplicationOverview…either things start happening like:

1) if in property inspector: clicking on the layer up down… does nothing layer is fixed on the current number.
2) I can actually click on the object and "send backward" but in one case the object was deleted by this operation.
3) the PI become increasingly non-responsive: click on the cross to edit location width height etc… nothing happens, the switch to the panel for dimensions and location does happen.
4) then if we relayer some control in the PB, clicking on an object selects a different control on the card than the highlighted on the list.
5) close the PB switch to the old AB… and things are now also failing here as well.
4) suddenly no longer able to save or open the message box…
5) finally reach a point here closing the PI and then right clickin gto open it again the whole property inspector opens, but is completely non responsive. 4

It's as if some set of vars that contain pointers to objects lose track of what object they are connected to or the selectedObject or target is lost

Hopefully I can save, close the stack, reboot. then things get better. Sometimes can't save, have to shut down, lose a lot work… well, not any more… I save every time I make a minute change now.

Is this better in 9- dp 10? or the latest versions of 8.*  I switch to 9 for the mobile debugging, but am not really using that at the moment.


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