New Books/Dictionary

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Sat Nov 25 20:28:33 EST 2017

Greg Miller wrote:
> Will it be possible to buy electronic versions of
> the new dictionary and lessons book?

Ideally, in a near future, lessons and dictionary would be available as
interactive stacks or downloadable apps. Until then, here is a LiveCode 4.6
PDF dictionary, uploaded by et_phone_home:

I found this pdf dictionary in a forum thread:

and Ken Ray's 2.1.2 online Rev documentation for Rev 2.1.2 in PDF, RTF and
TXT format:

By the way, RunRev 2.8.1 dictionary, printed in color coded paper, still
have a place in my work desk, along Dan Shafer's first RunRev book.


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