AW: Anyone can confirm laggy IDE on Windows 10?

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Fri Nov 24 05:40:52 EST 2017

Hi Andre,

No, I am using LC 6/7/8 on Windows 10 without notable lack of response. It
must be something very specific in your installation.


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Hey Friends,

Recently I switched to a Surface 4 Pro running Windows 10. It is a quite
decent machine with an i5 and 8gb of RAM but I barelly can use LiveCode in
it because the IDE is extremelly laggy/slow. Just so that you know, it was a
cold night here and I preferred to close my machine, walk all the way to my
office couple blocks away to fetch my mac and go back home then keep using
it on Windows. Thats how slow it is for me. No other application is
performing badly and yes, I tried running only it without no other program
competing for resources. The symptoms I have are:

* Failure to register keystrokes in the script editor.
* Failure for UI elements to react to clicks.
* Failure for shortcuts to activate desired behavior such as opening
messagebox and other similar things.

Basically unless I take half a second between pressing keyboard keys to type
the script, it will miss half the text.

This is happening on all LC versions I have here which are 9.x and 8.x

(PS: Checked the pending messages and apparently there is nothing there, I
suspected a recurring message hogging up CPU time but thats not the case)

(PS 2: The LC IDE is extremelly slow but all the rest of the machine and
apps behave fine, the CPU is not going to high usage, things appear fine,
they just don't work)

Can someone help?


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