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I use dropbox for this purpose.  I have a desktop/server process that is
responsible for being the arbiter of truth (i.e. grabbing the updates the
mobiles want to make and then deciding updating the data that the mobiles
will use).  The mobiles read and write files to and from dropbox.  You can
ping the server from the mobile once per second, for example, to see if
there are any updates.  Push works, but can be unreliable if the user of
the phone turns off push.  You can use push without having a notification
to the user or setting a badge.  The app will receive the notification and
act on it, provided that the app is up and running on the phone.  I've used
this technique for five years, I think.  You can do the same thing using an
online database server, if you like.

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> For Wireshark to work on a mobile device, it would have to be on a
> repeater (hub). Packet Capture doesn't work with wireless for anything but
> the local device. All that would do is monitor network traffic, not
> processes running on your device.
> Bob S
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> >
> >> Hi Paolo and Jim,
> >>
> >> I always turn off all notifications on all of my devices.
> >> I hate notifications because they consume my device
> >> batteries with their constant polling.
> >>
> >
> > I sure would like to know that.
> > Is there some kind of wire shark like application for the phone?
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