Specialty Fonts on Mobile -- OK? or Stay Away?

andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com andrew at midwestcoastmedia.com
Thu Nov 16 09:53:42 EST 2017

So far things have worked well for me embedding fonts in iOS and  
Android, but I've had some issues acquiring proper licensing for some  
client requested typefaces because "web" & "print" licenses didn't  
cover "app" usage. Google Fonts, and their liberal licensing, are your  

I've had some issues with my custom fonts not being displayed in iOS  
when I build using LC9. I'm assuming the font files are getting stored  
in a different location but haven't seen anything in the release notes  
and haven't had a chance to look into the issue much since the same  
exact stack builds find in LC8.

--Andrew Bell

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> Subject: Specialty Fonts on Mobile -- OK? or Stay Away?
> We have a new UI/UX designer working in Sketch/Invision/Zeplin   
> which is a marvelous universe for design collaboration, and getting  
> from her designs to a card layout in LC is easy enough.
> But she has chosen to use a font called
> KohinoorDevanagari
> which not only has Devanagari script but a very lovely roman font  
> that will looks lovely, sans serif, very clear and efficient in  
> terms of chars per inch and legibility on tight line heights
> I have never, ever use the font bundling option with Livecode, but  
> besides this one I have need of some other specialty fonts/scripts  
> for specific modules.
> But this KohinoorDevanagari is everywhere, , which she has used for  
> every label, button, control, text field, menu in the UI.
> My question is this: for those have tried using specialty fonts on  
> mobile. Does it work well for you across platforms?
> My "gut" instinct is telling me to stay with native fonts, but I  
> can't tell if that is just my resistance to the added complexity and  
> additional overhead talking.
> What say you?
> "No problem go for it -- with any nice font you like."
> OR
> "Nope, I tried that, you don't want to go down that path because?. A,B,C?"
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