mouseWithin and mouseLeave problem

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Wed Nov 15 16:05:32 EST 2017

Today, while trying to understand why my own code does not work, I
learned about the text field scrollbarWidth property. :-)

1) create a new stack
2) create/insert/drag and drop a scrolling text field in this new stack
3) edit the text field script and insert these handlers:

-- ---------------------------------------------------------
on mouseenter
   set the scrollbarwidth of fld 1 to 30
end mouseenter

on mouseleave
end mouseleave

on mouserelease
   set the scrollbarwidth of fld 1 to 10
end mouserelease

-- ----------------------------------------------------

By the way, Which are the minimum and maximum
scrollbar width size allowed in every platform?
LC Dictionary mentions Mac OSX, but does not
specify scrollbar widths limitations.


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