Specialty Fonts on Mobile -- OK? or Stay Away?

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Wed Nov 15 12:34:01 EST 2017

We have a new UI/UX designer working in Sketch/Invision/Zeplin  which is a marvelous universe for design collaboration, and getting from her designs to a card layout in LC is easy enough.

But she has chosen to use a font called


which not only has Devanagari script but a very lovely roman font that will looks lovely, sans serif, very clear and efficient in terms of chars per inch and legibility on tight line heights

I have never, ever use the font bundling option with Livecode, but besides this one I have need of some other specialty fonts/scripts for specific modules.

But this KohinoorDevanagari is everywhere, , which she has used for every label, button, control, text field, menu in the UI.

My question is this: for those have tried using specialty fonts on mobile. Does it work well for you across platforms?

My "gut" instinct is telling me to stay with native fonts, but I can't tell if that is just my resistance to the added complexity and additional overhead talking.

What say you?

"No problem go for it -- with any nice font you like."


"Nope, I tried that, you don't want to go down that path because…. A,B,C…"

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