The coming of SVG

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Sat Nov 11 05:06:29 EST 2017

On 2017-11-10 18:25, hh via use-livecode wrote:
> PLEASE, let us first have the basic enhanced object, probably "canvas".
> This will need at least a full year (my estimate).

Well, let's first have the ability to display SVG :)

My current approach (as I said previously) is to integrate SVG support 
into the image object. So you will only need to set the text of the 
image to an SVG (filename references are going to be a bit more of a 
pain as the PICT/EMF support in the image object never supported being 
in separate files, annoyingly).

Indeed, I've been working on changing our internal vector graphics API 
(libgraphics) to have all the fundamental operations to render SVG (that 
1-1 correspondence I talked about before), and a new Metafile graphics 
object type - which the image can then use to render SVG, after 
processing them with the SVG type. This should also allow exposing of an 
SVG/Metafile type object in the LCB canvas, so widgets will be able to 
render them easily also.

Beyond that, I've been trying not to get distracted by the idea of the 
'canvas' control which evolved from this thread - but will return to it 
when possible :)

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