Issue with Xcode 9.0 Simulator

panagiotis merakos merakosp at
Fri Nov 10 15:24:12 EST 2017

Hi all,

I have recently encountered a problem with the iOS 11.0 simulator and Xcode
9.0. The problem appeared suddenly, so I assumed something had changed in
my setup. However, I spoke with another user (Henry Lowe) and it seems he
is affected too. Here is the description, taken from his email:

Each time LC 8.1.7 launched the iOS Simulator (via the ’Test’ menu item) it
launched a new virtual device.

It would start with a 5S emulator, then 6 then 6S etc.

On each launch the app failed to install and run on the simulated device
unless I manually restarted the virtual device during the install attempt.

If I got the app running on a virtual device by restarting the device, the
next time I tested the app it would start another device and so on.


It was not happening with my previous setup of LC 8.1.7 (stable) and Xcode

Then I upgraded my Mac to Mac OS 10.13.1 and updated Xcode to 9.1.

On reverting to Xcode 9.0 the behavior described began

Xcode 9.0 is released several weeks ago, and I know that a lot of our users
do use it, but nobody has reported this issue so far.

So, do you guys see the same problem? If yes, has anyone managed to find a

Since this behaviour appeared suddenly, I assume there is somewhere a
setting/preference that will fix it.

This is probably caused by Xcode 9's new feature to be able to run multiple
instances of the iOS simulator.


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