The coming of SVG

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Nov 8 18:12:14 EST 2017

My $0.02 on the three leading candidates:

"picture" -- gets my vote for this proposed object because we have 
decades of precedent well established with Apple's picture ('PICT') 
format, distinguished by the same thing that defines this new object: a 
type of image that can be comprised of vector or raster elements, or any 
mix of the two.

"canvas" -- *might* be a better choice *IF* LC's implementation can 
support at least a substantial subset of HTML's well-known canvas 
object.  Otherwise it just becomes confusing, with unmeetable expectations.

"viewer" -- too general for an image object; everything on screen can be 
"viewed"; a window is already as much a "viewer" as anything else.

Besides, the xTalk world already has a precedent for a Viewer object, 
one that's every bit as general as such a broad term implies:

Gain Momentum's Viewer objects allowed its scripter using that Unix and 
Windows toolkit to view any stack inside a rectangle within any other stack.

Though I doubt it's currently a front-burner project for the team, at 
various times Mark Waddingham has expressed interest in it, 
understandably given the vast range of powerful options it would open up 
for us to add that Gain feature in LiveCode.

Yes, it's in the RQCC:

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