IOS simulator/ iPhone X and Xcode Mobile Pref Order

Ralph DiMola rdimola at
Wed Nov 8 14:40:36 EST 2017

iOS developers FYI:


If you have more than one Xcode on the Mobile Prefs make sure that the last
one in the most recent. I had Xcode 9 as the first and then added the older
ones. When the simulator fired up from LC there was no option for iPhone X.
I then closed down everything and started the simulator from Xcode 9 and the
iPhone X was there. I then started up LC and it froze when "Configuring
Simulator". This required a force quit to get out of. After I re-arranged
the Prefs so that Xcode 9 was last on the list I restarted LC, Clicked the
test button, iPhone iOS 11 started up with an older phone model. I selected
the iPhone X(now an option), shutdown the older simulator device, clicked
the test button again and the iPhone X was up and running my app.


Ralph DiMola

IT Director

Evergreen Information Services

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