The coming of SVG

Robert Mann rman at
Tue Nov 7 18:00:18 EST 2017

Hi all, long time not around, but clarity in language is a key point so my 2
cents :

1) I would much favor DRAWING versus image. The core differentation of a
vector image is that it has been drawn versus "shot" by a camera for an
image. That can be physically understood by all. The idea of a vector is
much more technical and designates the technicalities of the coding of the

2) I would make the largest subset of basic commands and property that can
apply both to DRAWINGS and IMAGES common, same name and parameters : 
Example : resize, tilt, position...

3) I would add specific commands and properties that only apply to DRAWINGS
like export into some other format, change size of lines, delete background,
whatever (change fonts, replace colors)

4) Picture is really confusing, so close to image, yet so far from drawing.
Picture is what we actually see on screen… or in museums!

last but not least I find it great that the question is put up, and openedu
up to shared intelligence! thumbs up! Robert

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