Control properties not included in the Property Inspector

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Mon Nov 6 16:14:39 EST 2017

Bob Sneidar wrote:
> put the Properties of field "fldCustID" into tProps;put printKeys(tProps)

The Message Box produces an error:
Object does not exists
Hint: fldCustID


On Mon, Nov 6, 2017 at 3:31 PM, Alejandro Tejada <capellan2000 at>
> Hi All,
> Where could I find a list of control properties that
> are not included within the Property Inspector?
> For example:
> clipstoRect (a Boolean (true or false) property of groups)
> capsStyle (a property of graphics)
> joinStyle (a property of graphics)
> miterLimit (a property of graphics)
> fillRule (a property of graphics)
> and others...
> Thanks in advance!
>  Al

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