The coming of SVG

hh hh at
Sun Nov 5 09:15:01 EST 2017

Until now I saw it like that:
<canvas>, <svg> and <picture> are HTML5 tags.
And <canvas> and <svg> are different concepts. Roughly

<svg> is more an XML-based vector graphics format,
<canvas> is more an API for drawing on a bitmap surface.

And <picture> is a container for an image at different sizes.
[And, as James says, <frame> is also a (different) HTML container.]


But I think, the interesting thing is not the name (call it as you
like it) but the direction of your path, the content of the object.
Let's talk about that.

Will it be possible to edit properties:

Getting and setting the points of a graphic?
Getting and setting the imagedata of a placed image?
Getting and setting the specific data of an SVG?

Can it be used for exactly one of the objects or also a mix of the
three, say an SVGicon on top of an image?

For example:
A lot of people are not able to write SVG, they are simply copying
out of programs like 'inkscape' and would like to paste the code
into a property of the control. Will that be possible?

Who if not you knows that most of this (except the SVG part) is
already possible in LCB?

For example my IconGrid widget has for each element
* a paint property (color)
* a text property (textsize, textfont settable)
* an image property (image scalable)
* a SVGIcon property (svg scalable).

So, if you would extend the SVGIcon widget to a SVG_1.0 widget, we
could have all that without the need for a new container.

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