Device implementation problems

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this something I suspect as well.

As there are a zillion different Android devices with different performance capabilities one has to use the belt and suspenders. In January I will be trying with iOS as well, and see if there is a difference.

In the longer term a solution could be an extension to LC, "go to card xyz with / without waiting"; or making a docuentative recommendation being aware this possible issue.  And it is not yet excluded that I will find a typo or some illegal way of coding in my app.


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On 11/3/17 12:55 AM, Pyyhti? Christer via use-livecode wrote:
> When I issue the "go" and let the script run, many of the objects won't get done completely, for example card background, button or field colouring gets only partially done.  However, if I either add "lock screen" before the "go" statement, or issue "wait 100 milliSeconds" after the "go", everything is OK.

It almost sounds like LC has finished issuing all the commands to redraw 
the screen but the graphics card or the CPU on the device is slow to 
respond. So LC thinks it is finished and moves on to the next line of 
the script while the hardware is still catching up.

I'm not even sure that's possible but that's what it sounds like.

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