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Fri Nov 3 11:01:04 EDT 2017

> Based on that SO discussion you should be able to use launch url. It  
> looks like the url scheme changed from `prefs:` to `App-Prefs:` in  
> iOS 10. So you might want to try one then the other.
> So:
> launch url ?App-Prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID&path=<app bundle id>?
> if the result is ?no association" then
>     launch url ?prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID&path=<app bundle id>?
> end if

Thank you Monte! This didn't work exactly how I expected, but will  
suffice for now.

That code took me to iOS Settings, but not to any place in  
particular... just to the last Settings area visited. So if I had last  
visited Settings > Personal Hotspot then that's where the link from my  
LiveCode app took me (and not to the Settings for my app bundle, or  
even the root of Settings for that matter).

Using the codes I found @ I  
tried some of the other URLs and the small handful that I tried all  
had the same result of going from LiveCode app to the last area of  
Settings that was active on the device.

--Andrew Bell

>> On 3 Nov 2017, at 7:57 am, Andrew Bell via use-livecode  
>> <use-livecode at> wrote:
>> Is it possible from a LiveCode app to link to the iOS device  
>> Settings? I would like to help users enable Push Notifications if  
>> they didn't the first time the app was launched, and rather than  
>> just describe where it is I'd like to jump to the Settings app.
>> Seems to be doable in native programming languages:
>> --Andrew Bell

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