results of SPLIT when keys not unique

Dr. Hawkins dochawk at
Thu Nov 2 20:00:16 EDT 2017

On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 3:45 PM, Ralph DiMola <rdimola at> wrote:
> Whoops, not tested and I saw an error.
> Select mytable.animalname,mytable.animalnumber from (select distinct
> mytable.animalname from mytable as mytable2) left join mytable on
> mytable.animalname = mytable2animalname

You're a bit over my head, but . . .

wouldn't that left join bring *all* the entries for table2 and their
numbers in, so that I would still get repeated animals?

Should there be a . in the middle of the last word?

In test,

    Select debtor_table uniqDna, debtor_table cname from  (select
distinct cname FROM debtor_table as mytable2) left join debtor_table
ON debtor_table.cname = mytable2.cname ;

and I get,

   revdberr,Database Error: no such column: mytable2.cname

(in fact, I need cname||cadr, not just name, as some creditors end up
with multiple addresses)

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