Why is everything in the IDE so tiny?

AcidJazz mpezzo at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 01:04:55 EDT 2017

I used Livecode a lot about 6 years ago, and have recently started playing
around again.  I know a lot of features have been added under the hood, but
the IDE is really disappointing.  I'm using a *much* larger screen (34"
diameter), and find that virtually everything in the IDE, but especially the
icons in the object/card/stack inspectors to be freakishly small.  Yes, my
screen has a high resolution, but every other application is perfectly
readable on my screen.  Why not LiveCode?   I do understand that some people
use laptops with little screen real estate, but why can't this be adjusted
for folks with big screens and high resolution?  And while I'm kvetching,
why is everything in the object inspector still buried in tabs?   There
don't appear to be any obvious key commands to quickly switch between them. 
We all have scroll wheels and track pads.  It would be so much easier to
quickly check and make changes if the inspectors were a long column with few
if any tabs.  You'd just scroll through it, but with sections that you could
expand or contract.  I bought a monster screen so I could see everything at
once, but Livecode is damned if it's going to let me do that.  I'm not
normally negative, but it's 2017, and the IDE looks like it was created in
the 1980s and is actually less usable than when I used  it 6 years ago.  Am
I missing a magic button somewhere that makes this thing less clunky?  
Surely, I'm not the only one wondering these things.   Am I? 

- Mark


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