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Wed May 31 16:01:40 EDT 2017

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> Hi all.
> I have been reviewing Trevor's Youtube video on using Livecode 9 to create
> behaviors much more easily. Looks cool, I'd like to start working on this.
> But there was a place where he took a substack and made it a mainstack and
> saved it to the disk, saying you needed to do this before creating the
> behavior script.
> I am a bit reticent to pull my stack apart because I depend a lot on the
> message path. If it's only a temporary change necessary to get the stack
> script into a behavior, and I can make it a substack later, well and good.
> If not, I don't want to refactor everything to accomodate this.

If you are creating a script only stack then it can't be a substack. It is
a text file with the name of the stack and the code, nothing more.

You don't have to reorganize your stacks and alter the message path though.
Your stacks with UI elements in them can stay the same if you want. You
just move scripts (i.e. stack and card scripts) into script only stacks and
then assign the script only stacks as behaviors of the appropriate control.
The message path isn't affected at all.

Trevor DeVore


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