Associating additional Documents types for a Standalone

Paul Dupuis paul at
Wed May 31 15:18:24 EDT 2017

So in LiveCode's Staandalone builder, we can specify an icon for the
application and a file extension and icon for a single document.

How do we add more icons and associated file extensions to a standalone
under OSX and Windows.

For OSX, after you build the standalone, you can open the app bundle and
edit the info.plist file to add additional <dict>...</dict> entries for
any additional document types and include the associated icns file(s) in
the Resource folder of the Contents folder of teh app bundle

While a manual task, this is pretty easy to add however many additional
file extensions and associated icons that your app needs under OSX

For Windows, I have seemed to run into problems. I have a tool,
Resourceeditor.exe ( that lets me open the
standalone EXE file (after building it) and add additional icons. I can
see the icons added by the Standalone Builder for the app and 1st
document which have IDs of 111 and 112 respectively. I can add
additional icons and set their IDs to 113, 114, etc.

I know I need to use setRegistry to set values in the registry when the
application first starts up. I check to see if the registry entries are
already present and if not, I use setRegistry to add them. The model I
used previously, take from this Microsoft article
does not seem to be working under Win8 and 10 for additional icons. I
have to reference the icons in the standalone by INDEX number, which I
though was 0,1,2, etc, but I have tried both the IDs and index number
for new documents without success.

Does anyone have a sample stack or code or a blog post that covered how
to do this properly for all versions of Windows?

Perhaps someone at the LiveCode mothership did a authoritative tech note
or blog post on this at some point I just can't find a link to?

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