HTML5 deployment: progress comes into sight

hh hh at
Wed May 31 09:43:28 EDT 2017

> > hh wrote:
> > Part [1], the current thread, will hopefully allow for example to have
> > the "sample
> > stacks" imageToolKit or the recent SVGplay-stacks in a HTML5
> > standalone. The speed
> > results will be very interesting.
> Mark W. wrote:
> If you have pure JS libraries you want to use, then you can already load 
> these and access them (do as javascript, again) - you wouldn't 
> necessarily need an 'embedded browser in HTML5' to do so.

Yes and No. I tried that extensively several weeks ago. Of course I can "do"
the js I need in the webpage that 'surrounds the standalone-canvas as we have
full control on that page. This is close to what we can do in a browser widget.

The problem is the "one-way"-only:
I can't see any way to go back, from the page to the standalone.

= The browser widget has jsHandlers available.
= The standalone has to get the data from the page by guesses, in a loop.

If you can show or give us a solution for that, then we can have in some
scenarios even more by using the latest versions of the main browsers than we
get by using an embedded browser widget.

In sum:
Can the HTML5 standalone become a property "javascriptHandlers" that works as
in the browser widget?

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