Using alt-key clicks on linux

hh hh at
Mon May 29 16:54:44 EDT 2017

>> hh:
>> As you said earlier:
>> "... some things make more semantic sense with Alt rather than Shift".
>> Alt happens.

> RG:
> ... but not in a vacuum.

"Alt happens" is the alt-variant of "Shift happens" (Forrest Gump).

> RG wrote:
> A click gesture is so common that most folks don't even think about it. 
> They just click, down and release - in one fluid action, cognitively and 
> temporally.  Most folks don't even conceptualize that mouseDown and 
> mouseUp are separate states, at least not with regard to push buttons.

Probably I'm not from earth. To click "cognitively and temporally" or to
"conceptualize" separate mouse states is not my thing. I simply think before
I click just the same as I think before I talk or write.

So I better stop here. And use simple click actions for my simple stacks
which do not intend to be great apps, so they don't need any avant-garde
UI design.

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