Using alt-key clicks on linux

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon May 29 16:15:35 EDT 2017

Roger Eller wrote:

 > Further back, it was said that this is only an issue when LiveCode
 > misbehaves and is a window can't be selected because it is outside the
 > screen.  So if true, LC should have a built-in way to recover the
 > window,
 > like how Control-period stops a script. How about Control-period-
 > click, and the window becomes stuck to the pointer until the next
 > click?

I believe there are options in Compiz Config to do that for on-screen 
windows, but offscreen windows present a different problem:  if there's 
more than one, how do you know which one to put beneath the mouse.

FWIW in devolution's DeskView, right-clicking in that window brings up a 
context menu that includes "Center Offscreen Windows".

I suppose I could wait for the IDE team to add something like that, but 
LC Script is so easy to use something like that takes only a couple 
minutes to add in a plugin today.

Similarly, as much as I like to many things about the Project Browser, 
the more I use it on complex layouts the more I'm with Jacque and others 
who find its dual-selection-mode way of working both confusing and 

So I've begun resurrecting an old object browser I'd set aside when the 
PB first came out.  IIRC the LC team has expressed that the PB's 
dual-selection-mode is here to stay, so on that one if I want to get 
back to a world where one click = one selection I have no choice but to 
write that myself anyway.  Thankfully LC Script is easy and enjoyable 
enough where making an object browser is not only rewarding but also fun.

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