Using alt-key clicks on linux

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Mon May 29 14:08:07 EDT 2017


now that you essentially said over and over again
"it also means not being able to rely on Alt-click in our UIs":

I say, still valid and also worth to repeat, there is a difference in
"alt-clicking" between alt-mouseDown and alt-mouseUp on linux:

*** alt-mouseDown does NOT come through to LC.
*** alt-mouseUp works:
*** You have to FIRST click the object, THEN -- while the mouse is down --
*** hold the altKey down.

Good to know. (What, by the way, also works on MacOS and Win 7-10.)
No single user of my stacks had ever a problem with that.

> RG wrote:
> Or more specifically, clickdown-hold-alt-clickrelease, which is so 
> unusual that I wouldn't expect to be able to explain it to end-users.

To explain the "clickdown-hold-alt-clickrelease" you could try the lines:
[a] to have "mouseUp" working you should let the mouse up again some time.
[b] for developers: Also add "on mouseRelease; mouseUp; end mouseRelease".

Nearly all linux users (incl. Raspi users), are smarter than you believe.

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