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Mon May 29 20:31:54 CEST 2017

hh wrote:

 > Richard,
 > now that you essentially said over and over again
 > "it also means not being able to rely on Alt-click in our UIs":
 > I say, still valid and also worth to repeat, there is a difference in
 > "alt-clicking" between alt-mouseDown and alt-mouseUp on linux:
 > [1]
 > *** alt-mouseDown does NOT come through to LC.
 > [2]
 > *** alt-mouseUp works:
 > *** You have to FIRST click the object, THEN -- while the mouse is
 > down --
 > *** hold the altKey down.
 > Good to know. (What, by the way, also works on MacOS and Win 7-10.)
 > No single user of my stacks had ever a problem with that.
 >> RG wrote:
 >> Or more specifically, clickdown-hold-alt-clickrelease, which is so
 >> unusual that I wouldn't expect to be able to explain it to end-users.
 > To explain the "clickdown-hold-alt-clickrelease" you could try the
 > lines:
 > [a] to have "mouseUp" working you should let the mouse up again some
 > time.
 > [b] for developers: Also add "on mouseRelease; mouseUp; end
 > mouseRelease".
 > Nearly all linux users (incl. Raspi users), are smarter than you
 > believe.

Sure, it's possible, but not everything that's possible is also desirable.

Personally, I think great app design is more a function of discovering 
what's intuitive than testing cognitive boundaries.

But like I wrote earlier, ultimately this is a minor issue, since it 
relates to hidden features, and a hidden feature is usually an unused 
feature anyway.

So instead of worrying about maximizing mod key use on mouse actions, 
I'm spending more time finding ways to reduce hidden features altogether.

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