Very naive URL question

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Sat May 27 15:57:18 CEST 2017

Hi - I’m using LC 8.1.4 rc2 Indy on a Mac with Sierra. I am confused about something so fundamental that I am embarrassed to have to ask for help, but there it is…

I own a website,

Mostly it serves web pages, which works fine. I decided to put a tiny text file onto the server at the same level as the .html pages, say myText.txt

I had no difficulty uploading the file using Transmit, a good FTP client for the Mac. Now I want to write a statement in LiveCode that gets the text back, so I wrote in the message box:

get URL “”

This produced nothing in ‘it’ or in ‘the result’. So it was as if the URL command had never been issued.

After a lot of fooling around I was told by a browser (Google Chrome) that I should have authenticated this FTP request with a user name and a password, which I have. My naive question is, how do I tell LC to do the authentication? I should say that this is entirely internal to the program, so any kind of user-completed dialog is a no-no.



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