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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri May 26 12:02:29 EDT 2017

Dan Brown wrote:

> Developer conferences nowadays are more often than not available
> online, for free and are utilised to showcase ideas
> and concepts to a wider audience. They're a great marketing asset,
> especially keynotes

FWIW I requested that my Community session for the LiveCode online 
conference be made publicly available for free, and they have supported 
that request.

Everything I volunteer for with the LiveCode Community is for the 
benefit of everyone, those who might enjoy learning about LiveCode and 
those who benefit from growing the platform.

One thing worth noting about PyCon and many other conferences for open 
source platforms is that those are community efforts, organized by and 
for the community.

Björnke von Gierke used to run a weekly series of video conferences 
called LiveCode TV. Todd Fabacher has run several live webinars, and he 
and others have expressed an interest in making those a regular thing.

With Google On Air freely available for everyone (Mac, Windows, Linux), 
the tools to making and sharing live presentations have only gotten better.

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